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1. Why do I have to register?
We require you to register as a way to minimize spamming and abuse of our service.

2. How do I use King Ping?
For complete instructions, click here.

3. How do I use the language selections?
The "Other" selection will cause pings to go to only the sites that accept all languages. If you select a particular language, such as Japanese, then the system will ping the Japanese sites plus the sites that accept all languages.

4. What's so special about King Ping?
We manually review every ping site to make sure it is not involved in spamming or stealing content and is up and running so your pings are of benefit. Most of the other pinging services have many site they say they ping that are actually dead sites.

5. What is "pinging"?
There are certain blog tracking sites that display recently published material from the web. They scan blogs on a regular basis to see if anything new has been published, but publishers can also actively notify these services of new material by sending them a "ping." A blog ping is a simple piece of XML text that contains your blog name and the URL.