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King Ping is a pinging service that makes pinging faster and easier for bloggers and online publishers. King Ping is a service provided by Taguchi Technologies, LLC.

Bloggers and online publishers want their material to be spread as far and wide around the web as possible. Many blogging platforms allow users to enter a list of pinging services that are pinged every time new material is published. The problem with this method is that users may not have a comprehensive list and therefore they may not be pinging the best sites. In addition, many pinging services are full of spam, and by pinging them your blog may be identified as spam and/or the content may be at risk of being stolen by sploggers.

King Ping's list of pinging services only consists of sites that have been manually reviewed for suitability and quality. By registering and submitting your URI to King Ping, or adding the King Ping automatic ping address to your blogging software, you can rest assured that your material is reaching the best directories on the web.

We will ping only blogs with real updates (new postings since the last ping) and that are spam free!

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